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—The kitchen menu—


A Plat'o Calamari    $12

Flash-fried calamari, honey balsamic, peppadew peppers, feta, arugula.


Crispy Chicken Wings    $8

Half dozen house-brined wings, choice of:

Asian, Buffalo, or Bourbon-raspberry BBQ


Tuna Ceviche    $14

Diced Ahi Tuna, tomato, cucumber, ginger, red onion, sweet chili-lime, tequila emulsion, cous cous, red quinoa, avocado sour cream, crisp wonton.


South Street Sliders    $8

All natural beef, Cabot cheddar, onion frites.


Thai Mussels    $14

New Zealand Mussels, baby spinach, ginger, coconut milk, garam masala.


Korean Short Rib Tots    $12

Korean braised short rib, crispy tots, melted cheddar, avocado sour cream, sesame seeds.


White Bean Garlic Hummus    $9

Crudité & toasted pita chips.


Soft Taco Trio    $14

Choice of one of each OR all of one


Coq Au Vin

Pulled stew chicken, pickled mirepoix, portobello, feta.

Hawaiian Duck

Pulled duck, pineapple slaw, red onion, queso blanco.

Korean Short Rib

Asian slaw, queso blanco, sesame seeds.


Cod Taco Grande    $15

Roasted cod, tomato, Cabot cheddar, cilantro, Cajun slaw, grande tortuga shell.

Check in weekly for

additions to the menu

& other special dishes


Add grilled chicken +$3, shrimp +$5, filet tips +$6


Baby Spinach    $12

Roasted portobello, roasted red peppers, feta, grilled asparagus, artichoke, pesto vinaigrette.


Pear, Apple, Arugula    $12

Pear, Gala apple, goat cheese, Matcha vinaigrette.


House    $5  /  $9

Half portion or whole.  Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, honey balsamic.



Traditional    $12

Bacio mozzeralla, house marinara, Pecorino Romano.


Organic Duck    $16

Duck confit, blush crema, Bacio mozzarella, arugula, tomato, sharp provolone, goat cheese.


Pesto Shrimp    $14

Baby shrimp, basil-almond pesto, Bacio mozzarella, chopped tomato, roasted red pepper, arugula, pecorino.


Served with French Fries

South Street Burger    $14

Cabot cheddar, bacon, stout caramelized onion marmalade, pretzel roll.


Shrimp & Veggie Wrap    $12

Grilled shrimp, carror-ginger cabbage, asparagus, pepper, baby spinach.


Roasted Portobello 'Burger'    $12

Roasted portobello, roasted red peppers, arugula, tomato, red onion, basil-almond pesto, mozzarella, balsamic, brioche bun.


Savoy Social    $12

Balsamic marinated grilled chicken, savoy braised onions, roasted tomato, Havarti, roasted garlic mayo, arugula, brioche bun.


Mo-Town Filet    $16

Sliced filet tips, caramelized onions, grilled portobello, Gruyere, garlic aioli, brioche bun.

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